If you are a potentially affected landowner or simply want to support WEAT’s efforts, please complete the Support Commitment Form. For your convenience, the document is available as both a printable PDF and an online form.

Support Commitment Form (Printable PDF for Mailing)

Joining WEAT requires you to complete the following short tasks:

  1. Read and review the Support Commitment Agreement.
  2. Contribute the initial fee of $100 using the donation details below.
  3. Complete and submit the Support Commitment Form at the bottom of this page (or via the printable PDF).

Support Commitment Agreement

On behalf of the persons and/or company or entity named below, I express these commitments:

  1. I want to be a part of a substantial effort, by concerned Wisconsin and Illinois landowners who face dealings with Enbridge, to join efforts to:
    1. Develop a body of expertise of legal, appraisal, and geological or other specialties to support landowner negotiations and possible litigation with Enbridge concerning its desire to obtain easements for its pipeline.
    2. Procure group legal services to develop standard easement terms, other than price, and conditions to better protect my property;
    3. Procure group legal services to negotiate standard easement terms and conditions when and if necessary so I don’t have to do this alone; and
    4. Procure group legal and organizational services to remain informed about issues related to the Enbridge project that affect me and my neighbors and our property values.
  2. I understand the group will be organized as Wisconsin Easement Action Team, Inc. (“WEAT”),  Non-member Corporation. Its directors will be authorized to receive, account for, and expend funds solely to advance the objectives of WEAT. I am aware that I am not becoming a member or owner of WEAT by executing this Commitment.
  3. I will pay an initial fee of $100 to join WEAT. Once Enbridge approaches landowners regarding additional easement negotiating, I will be notified of my responsibility to pay additional amounts up to but not exceeding $1,700. At any time before that point, I may cancel my participation with WEAT with no additional payments required. If Enbridge formally abandons its expansion plans, any amounts paid by me to WEAT above the initial $100 that are not yet allocated to support WEAT's efforts shall be refunded to me.
  4. I will encourage others to cooperate with WEAT to form a coalition of landowners and concerned citizens. I will not enter into any confidentiality agreements prohibiting me from sharing information about Enbridge with WEAT, and I will not divulge information learned from WEAT, or persons associated with or hired by it, concerning Enbridge or any other matter, to anyone who is not a verified participant in the efforts of WEAT.

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Check or Money Order

Make checks and money orders payable to WEAT and mail to:

    PO Box 837
    Marshfield, WI 54449


Support Commitment Form
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