Dear Landowner,

All signs indicate Enbridge plans to take more property for expanding their easement and adding another oil pipeline. When Enbridge takes more land, it means we can't use that piece of property the way we want, our property values go down, our risks increase, and if there is a pipeline spill or explosion we might lose our water, livelihood, home, or even lives.

You can try to deal with Enbridge alone, but the odds aren't good for one person against a $44 billion Canadian company. However, time and time again, history has shown that when faced against powerful forces, landowners who band together and work as a team can beat the odds and better protect themselves, rather than going it alone.

What is WEAT?

The Wisconsin Easement Action Team is a non-profit grass roots organization established for the benefit of landowners affected by Enbridge's plans to take more property for future pipeline expansions. Landowner rights and interests must be protected no matter what actions are taken by the States of Wisconsin and Illinois and Enbridge. WEAT's number one goal is landowner education around your property rights and how and what to fight for in any easement, the contract determining Enbridge’s rights to your land and obligations to you.

Should I consider joining WEAT?

Can one landowner effectively deal with Enbridge, a $44 billion dollar company that has powerful connections and a legion of attorneys? Probably not. Can a large group of organized landowners working as a team gain the upper hand against Enbridge? The answer is yes! History suggests that when landowners organize for a common goal and share resources they can protect their personal property from the forces that would take it from them. Enbridge's ideal strategy is to divide and conquer, limit the flow of information, and deal with each landowner alone.

WEAT's strategy is to:

  • Bring landowners together to gain power in numbers and leverage resources.
  • Give landowners top-notch legal representation for keeping their property.
  • As a last resort, negotiate the best easement terms to protect property owners' interests.

Where can I learn more about Enbridge's expansion plans?

A synopsis of Enbridge's expansion plans is available on this website. For more information, including an interactive map showing how much land could be lost to expansion, see the 80 Feet Is Enough website:

Images of Wisconsin and Enbridge Pipeline Activity